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Increase Sales on Amazon-Tips of Image Optimization

One of the biggest factors that can lure in customers and encourage them to buy a product is beautiful product imagery. Read on how to find out how to optimize product images on Amazon.

There are over 9.7 million global sellers on Amazon, 1.9 million of whom sell actively on the marketplace. In fact, the number of Amazon merchants is growing every day. As an Amazon seller, what can you do to stay ahead of the competition?

One of the biggest factors that can lure in customers and encourage them to buy any product is beautiful imagery. Hence, your product pictures should fulfill certain criteria.

Using pictures that are according to Amazon's image dimensions is a no-brainer. If you do not have pictures of the right size, Amazon will not let you upload them. However, there are other less-obvious factors that influence customer confidence and hence your sales.

Size and Quality of the Image

When we talk about size, we don't just mean the inches that Amazon requires; we also mean the number of pixels the image has. Amazon requires image size of 1000 pixels or larger and its recommended size is 2560 width.

If the image is of low-quality, it may appear blurred or pixilated on the product page. Your customers may also not be able to zoom in to see its details clearly.

Although Amazon recommends square images, it also allows rectangular images; however, you need to make sure that your image size remains consistent; otherwise, it can lessen customer experience.

Also, make sure that the product occupies the most space on your image. Too much white space can make your product appear smaller, and people may not be able to fully examine it. On the other hand, the frame of your product should not be so big that its edges or corners are cut off.

Amazon recommends that your product should fill out 85% of your image frame so that you provide a complete picture of your product while still maintaining some white space.

Maximize Use of Every Spot

The great thing about Amazon is that it provides you with a large number of spots to place your pictures. Amazon sellers should maximize the use of these slots. Typically, there are seven or more image slots for most categories. You can also add a small clipping in one of these slots, typically the last one.

Make sure you add a picture of the front and back of the product as well as one with its packaging. You can also add a lifestyle image that shows the product being used.

In addition, there should also be two or three pictures that zoom the important details, features, or graphics on the product.

Amazon also allows you to place the photos in the order of priority. The most important images should be placed in the first few slots. This lessens the advantage of not physically examining the product.

Avoid Photoshop Fails

Many sellers simply use a smartphone camera to snap a picture of their product and then do some basic Photoshop on it before uploading it. Although there is nothing essentially wrong with this approach, most of the time, these pictures do not translate into high-definition product images. A person who is not well-versed in Photoshop may also encounter pitfalls like shadows and poor scaling.

It is important that you have the appropriate amount of lighting to eliminate shadows from the pictures. If you want to keep shadows, you should make sure they should fall the right way and do not hide the product itself.

For its part, Amazon recommends professional photography or cover art for its images in RGB or CMYK colors.

Share Important Information

It is also important to share relevant information about your product by using the Amazon title and description fields. The description should include what's in the product and what features it has that make your product unique.

To make your products more attractive, it is important that you do not just list down the features and options that the product has, but also add the benefits it will provide the customer. Nowadays, customers are very smart and will buy your product only if they realize it will benefit them in some ways.

Bottom Line

Although your brand name, title, and product description all carry weight and can improve the SEO of your product, the importance of good product images cannot be denied. It is important Amazon sellers market their products in a way that grabs the attention of the customers and keeps them engaged over the entire buying process.

At Azone Studio, we offer specialized, high-def photography for Amazon sellers. We have high-tech photography and graphic designing equipment which can help showcase your product in the best light.

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