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5 Ways to Figure Out What to Sell on Amazon

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

If you are considering selling online on Amazon, you should know that Amazon sells over 350 million products. This may pose quite a challenge for you as you will need to browse this huge market and find a product that would lead to profitable sales for you.

Fortunately, there are plenty of simple ways you can choose what kind of products to selland how to sell them on Amazon.

Determining What to Sell on Amazon: A Simple Formula

No matter what you decide to sell, the key to a successful sales experience on Amazon is to sell a product that has a high demand but low competition. In order to get as much profit as you can, you need to capture the existing demand without going to the effort of fighting a large number of competitors.

But how do you figure out which of the millions of products on Amazon sell like hot cakes. To find that out, there are a few key rules you need to keep in mind:

It Should Have a Small Size

Products that are lightweight and not bulky are easier to ship. They are also easier to ship than large products without racking up shipping costs. That is why these products are in high demand by shoppers, both locally and internationally.

It Should be Low Cost

According to reports, products between the prices of $25 and $50 sell better than lower-costing products. That’s because these products may cover a lot of associated costs like Amazon sellers fees and advertising costs —and also because they are quite affordable!

However, products above this price range have a drastic difference in conversion rates. Anything above $50 or at most $60 has a chance of purchase plummet.

It Should Have Low Competition

We have already mentioned this above. However, while you are selecting your product, you should also find out which brands dominate the product category. Watch out for all the existing key competitors in the industry and keep an eye on for new entrants as well.

Figure out if a major product manufacturer has entered your niche. Keep a spreadsheet with a list of all your competitors and update it regularly. If a major brand is entering the market, this can be a sign that the product category will generate a substantial demand. So it is better to cover these types of niches this way.

It Should Have Room for Improvement

A good way to determine this is to go to your competitor’s listing and browse through both their negative and positive reviews. This can help you identify what your rival’s strengths and weaknesses are.

If your rival has a few glaring weaknesses, you can make sure your product does not have them and create value for your customers through this strategy.

It Should Have Year-Round Demand

Do not select seasonal products, which means they will only have demand at a certain time of the year. You want to opt for products that can sell throughout the year and give you a good ROI, regardless of the season.

So do not pick specialty products like Halloween-themed costumes, Easter Eggs, or Christmas decorations.

Amazon’s Bestselling Categories

The most obvious place to find product categories that are in high demand is Amazon’s Best Sellers list. Amazon was first created as an online book store, so books are one of its bestselling products. However, some other categories include the following:

· Home and Kitchen

· Apparel and Accessories

· Skincare and Cosmetics

· Hair Care

· Health and Nutrition

· Toys

· Home and Garden

· Pet Supplies

Most main categories are extremely competitive so you should click into a smaller sub-category, a few levels down that has low competition but high demand.

Bottom Line

The selection of your product can either make or break your business. However, there is one more thing that you need to succeed in Amazon: impeccable marketing skills!

You need to market your product in a way that grabs attention — and nothing grabs attention like professional-looking, high quality product images.

At Azone Studio, we specialize in professional photography for Amazon sellers and online stores. Our team offers creative ideas on how to showcase your product in the best light and we can do all the work for you on short notice.

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