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Photography For Your Amazon Listing

Updated: May 13, 2021

Displaying products through high-quality images can be the difference between a conversion and a lost prospect. Let us help you create beautiful product photography for Amazon.

It takes about 50 milliseconds for a person to form an opinion about your website. So if a picture is worth a thousand words, you can imagine what kind of impression a poor product image will make on a customer and how long it will take them to leave your page.

Displaying products through high-quality images can be the difference between a conversion and a lost prospect. Amazon understands this.

Although your e-commerce website cannot enable a customer to touch or feel the product they are buying, it can help them recreate the brick-and-mortar buying experience through high-def images.

Here is how it does that:

Amazon’s File Type and Name Requirements

Amazon accepts four types of image formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF. These files should also be named according to Amazon’s naming criteria. Each one should include:

· A product identifier, like Amazon ASIN, ISBN, etc.

· A 4-character variant code (optional)

· A file extension

These elements should follow in order in the filename and should be separated by a period. This allows Amazon to understand what type of image it is.

Amazon’s Size Requirements

Amazon wants its images to be of the best quality so that users can zoom in and assess the product features effectively. It also prevents pixelation issues.

Typically, Amazon images should be at least about 1,000 pixels in width and height with a recommended width of 2560.

Even if your image appears too large, Amazon will compress it so that it is displayed correctly on its site!

Background Recommendations

In standard practice, your main image needs to have a pure white background. However, this may not set off a white product. That’s why Amazon allows you to try out other neutral tones for your background, like beige, grey, or even black. The more the background color contrasts with the product, the more visible it will be.

Having said that, you should not go overboard with your choice of colors as they can have the opposite effect and prevent consumers from focusing on the product.

Filling the Frame

It is good practice to make sure that your product is center stage and maximizes the use of space provided by the image spot. Typically, Amazon recommends your product takes up about 85% of the image frame. However, for long and thin products like a knife and microphones, this may not always be possible.

Amazon acknowledges this as long as you show the full item and crop it close.

For books, videos, and music photos, Amazon recommends they take 100% of the space in the frame, though some slight variation is also acceptable.

Avoid Props

The main photo on Amazon should only show the product you are selling. It is important that you do not add any props to the image, as it can make it difficult to understand what exactly is being sold.

Also, do not add any unnecessary graphics or text to the main photo or manipulate the photo as it can cause misunderstandings among your customer.

Add Lifestyle Images

Apart from the main image spot, Amazon offers you seven more slots to add more pictures. You have more freedom to place additional content in these images that can help add value for the customer.

These photo spots can be used to feature lifestyle images, where people are shown using the product. Research shows that these types of images help customers better understand what the product is for and can increase conversion. They can also help understand how big the product is.

The Takeaway

As you can see, Amazon photos take creativity, time, and effort to make. If you are a business that wants to focus on its core competencies, it is a good idea to let professional photographers handle your product photography.

That’s where Azone Studio comes in!

We offer high-definition product photography at cost-competitive prices for Amazon sellers. We have a team of professional and skilled photographers who have state-of-the-art photography and graphic designing tools which can help market your products in the best way possible.

If you are interested, call us today at

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